Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp

Bass Amp Modeling Plug-In for Mac and Windows
(VST, Audio Units, and ProTools RTAS)

Virtual Bass Amp

Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp is a bass amp modeling and audio effects plug-in using ToneBrain™ technology for use with VST, AudioUnits, and ProTools RTAS compatible hosts running on both Mac and Windows platforms.


  • Vacuum Tube Preamp Model with Boost Switch for sweet bass tones!
  • Authentic Tone Controls: Bass, Treble, and a Parametric Mid for variable amp character!
  • Bright and Deep boost pushbuttons to quickly thicken or brighten the response.
  • Power Amp Drive Control to adjust natural power amp compression.
  • Variable Knee Limiter: fast attack limiter variable from hard clipping to soft compression.
  • 2 Cabinet Models: FIR-based 4x10 and 1x15 speaker cabinet and post-production modeling filters give the final sound the finishing touches!
  • D.I. Box Emulation: bypasses the speaker emulation to allow compatibility with other impulse modeling cabinet & room sims.
  • Built In 7-Band Graphic Equalizer with master level and bypass controls!
Windows - Mac OSX

Audio Units Compatible VST Compatible RTAS Compatible
Windows Compatible Mac OSX Compatible

Requires a VST, Audio Units, or RTAS audio host for Windows or Mac OS X.

sound samples:

"The valve amp characteristics are full, punchy, and very convincing..."

- Future Music Magazine

"A very competent virtual bass amp plugin capable of a good range of sounds..."

- Sound On Sound Magazine