Studio Devil Bass Box

Bass Guitar Processor Plug-In for Mac and Windows
(VST, Audio Units, and ProTools AAX)

Bass Box is an exact, faithful emulation of the Atomic Amps Bass Box Pedal, a bass player’s dream processor featuring incredibly accurate and musical bass preamps, amps, speaker cabinets and effects along with technology picked from Studio Devil’s award-winning Virtual Bass Amp algorithms!

Bass Box

Bass Box includes a gain section with 3 modes, an EQ section with 3 modes, a dynamics controller with 3 modes, and an amp modeler with 3 slots to choose from, each with choice of amp model (including our AmpliFire SVT model) and cabinet impulse modeling (IRs). A HUGE palette of tone and dynamics sculpting options in one plug-in!!!.

Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp Pro is a bass amp modeling and audio effects plug-in using ToneBrain™ technology for use with VST, AudioUnits, and ProTools RTAS compatible hosts running on both Mac and Windows platforms.


  • 3 Drive Modes: OD, Tube, and FET Three different drive modes provide classic Overdrive (OD), Solid State Field Effect Transistor Drive (FET), or classic tube preamp drive based on a 12AX7A triode (tube), each using Studio Devil’s patented digital vacuum tube and circuit modeling technology!
  • 3 Compressor / Dyna Modes: Compressor, Limiter, and Leveler Three different dynamics controller modes to fir your playing style. A compressor based on the infamous dbx160a, a limiter based on tube limiting an a 6L6 tube power amp, and a leveler based on infinitely smooth gain reduction knee with feedback design.
  • 3 EQ Modes: 4-Band, 3-Band with Parametric Mids, and 2-Band Sonic Enhancer Your perfect EQ is here, either with a 4-band EQ based on the legendary API 550b with variable Q that adjusts with level, a 3-band Parametric sweepable mids exactly like the EQ that made Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp (VBA) famous, or a 2-Band sonic enhancer type that accurately mimics the tone of a BBE Sonic Maximizer.
  • 5 Power Amp / DI Styles: Choose from five different output models: Tube Amp, Solid State Power Amp, SVT Emulated Power Amp, DI Box, or Clean Bypass
  • 6 Built In Cabinet Emulations: Choose from 6 meticulously crafted built in cabinet modeling impulse responses: 1x12, 1x15, 2x15, 4x10, 8x10 Boogie, and 8x10 SVT. Or, load your own custom cabinet impulse response WAV file!
  • Drive Mode Footswitch toggles the drive mode on/off.
  • Bypass Button toggles the effect on/off.
  • Blend Control mixes your dry signal into your processed bass signal for added tonal variations!
  • Boost Level to assist in matching your boosted level to your normal effect level as desired.
Windows - Mac OSX
*Existing owners of Virtual Bass Amp (VBA) and Amp Modeler Pro (AMP) qualify for upgrade.

Audio Units Compatible VST Compatible RTAS Compatible
Windows Compatible Mac OSX Compatible

Requires a VST, Audio Units, or AAX audio host for Windows or Mac OS.